Problems with zotero pdf import

We are importing articles from zotero, but the attached pdfs do not display properly in omeka. For example, see The imported pdf displays as a jpg on that page, but if you click on the image it displays as gibberish because the zotero import stripped the pdf extension & omeka does not know how to display the file. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

I don’t see any “gibberish” when I click that image, I just get the PDF properly displayed in my browser.

Maybe there’s some issue with your browser or PDF viewing setup on the computer you’re using to view the site?

We manually uploaded the PDF so it appears properly there now. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution of PDFs not displaying properly when importing them from Zotero? It seems like the zoteroimport plugin should maintain the original name of the pdf rather than assigning it a random string of letters & numbers such as 7f39ad65de736fb736a7e6e4187a483b

I have the same issue : the import process is renaming files stripping the extension thus preventing my browser (FF 50.0) from correctly opening the file. Didn’t find a satisfying solution so far.