Problems with CSV import and titles

Hi there;

We have been using the CSV import plugin to upload items, and we are noticing that when we upload items as part of a series, the system allows you to search the individual items, but it displays them in search by their URL. This is not helpful for our students trying to make sense of their search results.

Here’s an example search results screen. You can see how it would be very hard to sort through the results without titles.[]=File&record_types[]=Collection&submit_search=Search

We see that you can go into the Omeka admin interface and assign a title to items individually, but obviously, that’s not a great solution when you have hundreds or even thousands of files. We’d really like the CSV import to allow us to assign individual titles, but there doesn’t seem to be any capability to do that in the plugin.

If we have to, we will rectify this using the API and custom programming, or perhaps a direct SQL edit on the MYSQL database, but I’d prefer a less “brute force” solution. any thoughts?

Are you trying to upload multiple files to a single item, but with each file as a row in the csv? (Is that what you mean by “as part of a series”?)