Problem with the Internationalisation module

Hello! i’ve been trying to make work the internationalisation module for a while, but i cant figure out exactly how to make it work:

Im using Omeka S 3.2.3, and the module has installed correctly.

Im using as a guide the README, from the official documentation:

first of all i didnt duplicate the site, so form the steps indicated i jumped to point 2, and im a bit confused on where to do the changes:

  1. In site admin board —> i guess that is refering to this:

and here: “you have to set the locale setting for all sites you want to translate” its refering to this:

okey so once i did this i went to step 3 and i guess that’s refering to this:

the thing is that once i set the parameters like this:

when i set save it deletes itself, and im back to default

I dont know if i did something wrong or if it is a problem with omeka/the module

if anyone has worked with this plugin and can help me out i would be super grateful!

Thanks for your time!