Private Item sets only accessible to specific users not working

Hey there,

I created 3 private Item Sets for my omeka instance, and I want to have them displayed to the users I put on the Access tab, I gave the access to the users, and signed in from their accounts but could not see the item set on the list of item sets available for that user.

Am I missing an implementation, or do they have to be public in order or them to be accessed by users?


I hope to answer your question.

Private objects can be visible for Users with role “Reviewer” or more (Users - Omeka S User Manual).

Otherwise, you must use the plugin Groups (GitHub - Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-Group: Module for Omeka S to set groups to users and resources, so their visibility can be managed in a more flexible way. ) by Daniel Berthereau:
it allows you to create Groups that can be assigned to any Omeka S resource but also to users.
To set the access restriction, the user and the private resource must have the same group
So, a user with group A will be able to see the private item, the private media or private collection with group A.

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