"Previous Item" and "Next Item" links


I’m using the Emiglio theme. At the bottom of my document page, there are links for “Previous Item” and “Next Item.” I’d rather have these links at the top of the page.


Grateful for your help!

Editing your theme is going to be the most straightforward choice here.

Emiglio’s items/show.php file is what controls this page, and the part you’re talking about is the block of 4 lines near the bottom between the ul tags. You can move them to the top of the file instead (for example, just after the first line, which needs to stay as the first line).

Thanks @jflatnes ! This helps me scroll through my photos a lot faster. When I moved the links to the top, a line above them also moved up. I don’t want that line, but I can’t figure out how to delete it.

That line is coming from CSS. You can get rid of it or change it in several different ways. You can use the CSS Editor plugin, or edit the CSS file of your theme, to change the .item-pagination style.

Or you can set a style directly in the items/show.php page you’ve already edited. For example, changing

<ul class="item-pagination navigation">


<ul class="item-pagination navigation" style="border:none">

would remove the line.

Thank you! I edited that block and got rid of the line.