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I was wondering if there is anyone working on a plug-in or coding that would allow the previous/next button to work inside of a particular collection. At the moment, when I hit previous or the next button, it goes to whatever file I added outside of the specific collection in the back end. I think it would be hugely useful is this worked within a collection, but I know nothing about programming. Thanks.

Just double checking, is this question about Omeka Classic or Omeka S (it’s filed under Omeka S).

S doesn’t generally have the “previous”/“next” buttons on items, etc. so I’m thinking it’s actually a Classic question?

It is Classic. Did I put in the incorrect forum? Also, on another topic, we are having a lot of problems adding new users. None of our new users (including my self as a test) are getting links inviting them to create a password to get into the site. Do you know what might be going on?

the site is

It’s technically the wrong place, yes, but it’s not a problem, I’ll move it for you.

You have a thread open for the other issue, I believe, so we can keep that over there.

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