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I am using Thanks, Roy and in general I am pleased with overall look. I think that I could do better with a back ground that is not a solid colour but an image that reflects the subject matter which is hand written documents on 18th Century food and medicines, in respective collections. So for example the sea voyage collection could have a sailing ship and the food one, an image of the text of one with beautiful writing. Or simpler, a static image background from admin media across the whole site .
I guess that’s a CSS matter.
So any ideas as to what to add?

You’re looking for guidance on what CSS to use? Or something else?

I guess it’s CSS, but knowing me it is usually more difficult. I have looked at some sites with backgrounds and the source code. but I cant figure it out. I am also running my site as a clone on local host, so break that as and when. It would be nice if each collection had a different background.
It is 18th Century Medicines and Cooking from unpublished papers from a substantial UK country mansion so I think a great presentation is best .
I just love Omeka.

I am not exactly sure what you’re looking to do, but you can set the site-wide header background in the theme configuration, as seen on this site, for example:

If you wanted to change the background for various pages, you could do that with CSS, but unfortunately Omeka doesn’t by default include much information about the page or item in its element classes, so it would be difficult to be very specific about what image was used where. But the basic style you’d want to add to your CSS would be something like the below. The '.exhibits.summary' targets the classes of the <body> element on an exhibit page.

.exhibits.summary header {
    background: transparent url("[url to an image]") center center no-repeat;
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That’s interesting
I have a rather mundane look and the header follows across page to page as in your example. Because I am transcribing it tends to be looking like lists but I sometimes add a picture 400px wide and centred in the subject line. I find the large blank are to be not best, even when metadata crosses the width so I thought a background would be nice. Some themes do; I will play on local host with my site clone and see what your css produces and now I have a slight clue I can play better, Thanks BH

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