Post 3.03 upgrade no images only links

After upgrading from Omeka 2.4 to Omeka 3.0.3 AND migrating to a new server. Where images / thumbnails should be shown, the new site only displays links to images, etc (overall media). The links do work (though they still point to the old server) and will download the media upon activation. Both versions are being run in-house.

I know from previous forum topics Omeka will not generate thumbs for external links, so I am guessing the problem has to do with the media links still pointing externally? I migrated the content via api. It is using a custom theme however the stock themes also fail to display images. Could I have missed something?
I have still been unable to find a resolution to this. Any advice would be appreciated.

There’s a few possibilities here.

If you migrated using the API Import plugin and everything now doesn’t show thumbnails, the problem is probably just that you don’t have ImageMagick on your new server, or you don’t have its path set correctly in the settings.

Thanks for the quick replay and apologies for my slow response. I waited until I had IT support to tackle the ImageMagick test. It was discovered the path for ImageMagick was incorrect on the new server, and when I upload new files, the images display as intended, however, for any file which was pre-existing for the migration, Omeka still points to the old server using the long URL which I understand Omeka will not generate thumbnails and such for. I have verified the files do exist on the new server. Is there a step I may have missed or a plugin which would update the file location in Omeka to the new server?

Got it solved Thank you!