Plugin for exporting web page article as PDF?

I’d like for the visitors of the site to be able to export each page they’re reading as a PDF. They could do this via the browser but it includes all of the links, which is aesthetically not great. On top of this it would require that each visitor know to click through print > print as PDF > etc. for this to be a workable solution.

Is there any plugins or workarounds for being able to print a beautifully composed article in an Omeka Exhibition as a similarly beautiful PDF?

I’m aware there are PDF viewers that embed PDFs in the web page, and the PDF can then be downloaded form there, but it looks like I’d have to have the article written up, then at the end of the article embed the exact same article in order for viewers to be able to export it. There is redundancy there, and it takes away from the aesthetic of the page.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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