Plugin Bulk Metadata Editor not working throws error "Plugin by name 'BulkEdit' was not found in the registry"

Hi, I installed the plugin Bulk Metadata Editor, but can not get it to work. It throws the error, “Plugin by name ‘BulkEdit’ was not found in the registry”.

Have you tried unistalling (completely) the plugin and reinstalling it again? Does it throws the same error?

Yes, that’s the first thing I tried.

Ok. Could you then post a screenshot of the page that is throwing the error?

And what version of Omeka and of the plugin are you using?

I’m running Omeka version 3.1.2 and the Bulk Metadata Editor plugin Version 2.9

Thanks for this.
Could you please try the brand new version 2.9.1 and see whether the issue is solved?

That fixed it! You are amazing, I can’t thank you enough. Much cheering over here on my end!

Glad it works now.
The fix was by @kloor, so he’s the one who deserves credit.