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Hi: I’m using Omeka 2.6.1 and I get the following warning on my Neatline plugin:

Warning: Declaration of NeatlineRecord::save() should be compatible with Neatline_Row_Expandable::save($throwIfInvalid = false) in /home/byrononl/public_html/plugins/Neatline/models/NeatlineRecord.php on line 10

The Neatline works fine. How do I kale the warning disappear?

Thanks and Be well …Paul

This is not important, but the config of your php server is more strict than the developer. If you want to remove it, add the argument $throwIfInvalid = false in the declaration of the line 10 of the file NeatlineRecord.php.

Thank you, Daniel! I will give it a try. Will this code work for a similar warning using the LC Suggest plugin, which I forgot to mention in my previous message?

be well …Paul

Probably, you can check.

Can you share the LC Suggest warning?

To my knowledge there aren’t any warnings emitted by LC Suggest in its current version, but if there are, we’ll fix them.

Dear Daniel: After several months I’m getting to your help message. Below is the code from lines 10 and 11 in the NeatlineRecord.php file.

class NeatlineRecord extends Neatline_Row_Expandable
implements Zend_Acl_Resource_Interface

Could you kindly tell me the code I need to insert “$throwIfInvalid = false”, which will eliminate the warning?

Apologies for the delay!

Be well …Paul

First you have to check if you have the most recent version of the plugin.

Right. I appreciate very much your response and effort to help! I have no coding skills and often find myself involved in such issues when other very different matters compel my attention. Life intervenes. I will verify for updates and come back to you for the coding.

Be well …Paul

Neatline has a newer plugin : 2.6.1 versus my 2.4.2. I have begun uploading the very many files and subfiles to my Omeka folder. More anon.

be well …Paul

Another question. I had the option to overwrite the old Neatline with the new, and I chose to overwrite the files. Do I stand the chance of losing some of the data I recorded in the previous version of Neatline? I’m halfway uploading the new Neatline into my Omeka folder and so far I haven’t seen any negative effect.

be well …Paul

When you install a plugin, you should never modify files inside it, so it will be very simple to upgrade: replace everything. If you modify files, you have to check them first. The good practice is to copy the files of the folder view/public and view/share in your theme, where you can do all you want without fear to lose work.

Thanks Daniel. I haven’t modified files, simply copied them. And many there are to copy.

be well …Paul

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