Plain text search - recover syllables and not only independent words

Dear all,

our team has noticed a unexpected behaviour of the plain text search.

Typing for instance “Chios”, (city of ancient Greece), the search engine did not only display the items containing “Chios” but also displayed words containing the syllables “chios” i.e it also displayed the word Meilichios. ==> We would like the search engine only displays words and not also syllables.

How can we fix this ?
By the way, is there a tip to highlight in the results of the search, the words corresponding to the search ?

Many thanks if you can help us to fix thoses two issues,

The existing search is a “contains” search; it just looks for your search string anywhere in the text of the resources, including in the middle of a word.

We’re in the process of adding a word-based or “keyword” search right now, actually.

At the current moment I think your only workaround/option would be to use a module that uses a different search engine… I’m aware of one existing for Solr, but I can’t give you much detailed information about it.