PHP version question

We are migrating over to a new installation on a new Ubuntu server (20.04.1) and running PHP (7.4.3) and MySQL (8.0.25).

Instead of going to install I get this:

getBootstrap()->setOptions(array( 'resources' => array( 'theme' => array( 'basePath' => THEME_DIR, 'webBasePath' => WEB_RELATIVE_THEME ) ) )); $application->initialize()->run();

I tried to google this but got nowhere. Does anyone know what is wrong?

Also, I got the latest version Omeka running on a virtual machine, locally but I was only able to do so by using older versions of PHP (7.7.24) and MySQL (5.7.34).

Are there any issues with newer versions of PHP and/or MySQL?

Thank you.

The latest version of Classic should run fine on the latest PHP and MySQL versions.

The issue you’re seeing where you’re seeing the code rather than the actual application: that’s not a version issue really, but some other problem with your server setup: seeing the code means your server is not set up to execute PHP correctly.

Thank you for the response. I’ll look into it further.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions in the future. But for now this is good.

Thanks again.

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