PHP developer tools for Omeka plugins

I’m curious to know what development tools people are using for coding, debugging, and testing Omeka plugins.

I’ve been using PhpStorm for the past 3 years with good success, but it’s not without problems, some of which I suspect have to do with the fact that I’m developing on Windows 7 with XAMMP and XDebug, but targeting Omeka hosted on production Linux servers at Reclaim Hosting and their sister company Rockaway.

I’m wondering if I should get a true Linux server for doing local Omeka development.

I would love to learn what hardware/OS and what development tools other plugin developers are using. What does the Omeka team use?

Yeah, I would definitely suggest developing on Linux vs using XAMPP. Package management alone on pretty much every distribution is a godsend.

If you don’t want to go as far as a server, you could look into using Ubuntu on Windows (aka WSL), which is officially supported on Windows 10, or perhaps a Linux virtual machine.

Personally I mostly use Linux workstations for development (laptops generally), and also some development remotely using WSL (what I’m doing at this very moment). Linux workstations aren’t for everybody though, I fully understand.

Thanks John. What tools do you use on Linux e.g. an Integrated Development Environment for coding and debugging?