PHP 7.2 Warning: Cannot change session name when session is active

Am seeing the following warning message…

PHP Warning:  session_set_cookie_params(): Cannot change session cookie parameters when session is active in […] /application/libraries/Zend/Session.php on line 380

Comments welcome.

What version of Omeka is this?

Version 2.6.1

The warning happens on the admin backend; is logged in error_log in the admin folder.

There’s not much traffic on the site presently, as it’s a work in progress - I haven’t seen the warning logged elsewhere on the site.

Hmm, I don’t see that warning on PHP 7.2… Do you have any interesting custom settings for sessions happening?

No customization that I know of. Everything is out of the box, unedited. Except for a minor tweak to the COinS plugin.

Besides the COinS plugin - other plugins activated: Archive Repertory, Bulk Metadata Editor, Dropbox, IpRestrict.

I’ve messaged you privately with a link to php info on the server.

Does it happen all the time? Or only when doing some specific action (like, only when logging in or logging out, for example)?

Every time I log in.

Not that any of this would be expected to trigger the warning - I tested logging in with and without SSL, and tested logging in with every plugin deactivated.

It does seem to be an (unannounced) change to PHP 7.2 that’s causing this.

The server is running Redhat, with PHP 7.2.12; build date of Nov 9 2018. (And I’m sure you’ve seen this from the PHP info dump. )