PDFs in Media Embed not displaying full width

I’m using Omeka 3.0.2 (hoping to upgrade soon!) and the Foundation theme (v 1.2.3, which I think is the most recent version I can use with our Omeka version).

I am trying to show a PDF on a page using the Media Embed block, but I’m only getting a very narrow container and PDF. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to make the PDF display wider.

I tried just using an HTML block including an iframe with the src set to the PDF’s url, but even that is displaying the same way.

The site is not public yet; is there a way I can include a screenshot?

Thank you!

There’s an Upload button in the post editor toolbar here which you should be able to use to post a screenshot.

Thank you! I see it now, and I have uploaded a screenshot of part of the page to my original post.

Even if I expand the container to 100% width, the PDF does not enlarge to fill it. It also doesn’t contain the PDF controls like the PDFs do on their item pages. Let me know if you have any ideas … thanks!

Try setting the alignment to “center”; that should take up the full content width. The “float left” and “float right” options are there so that media can sit alongside text content.

Which PDF controls are you looking for? The screenshot above is PDF centered and displaying default pdf controls.

This is the PDF in the item view. The black bar controls are from the lightgallery media viewer, which is not PDF-specific.

Thank you. On the page that I shared the screenshot of, it is actually set to “center.” And I don’t see any PDF controls at all, not in either format.

However, I do see them on the item page, where the item displays as I expect:

Keep in mind we are stuck on an old version for now. Not sure if that has something to do with it.

I am seeing this too. I am also using Foundation theme and the PDF viewer on the front side has no Zoom controls etc. When viewing it on the admin side it looks better.

Front End View

Admin End View

I would like to move it to the top of the page instead of the side too but will have to consider another player with no controls working.

This is on the media page and it has controls too. Wish I could get this to show at the top of the Item View page.

Media Page View