PDF Text to NGrams

Hi all trying to get PDF to Text data into the Ngrams.
Is there any established or recommended paths for doing this? Or do I need to write a small plugin to copy the element data over for the item:text element and set it that way in Ngrams?

PDF to text saves to files, not items…

As far as I’m aware, there is no recommended path to do this. The Ngram plugin generates ngrams from text in an item element. The PDF Text plugin saves text to a file element. I can think of no easy modifications to the plugins that would accommodate your use case, so, yes, I’d say your best bet is a script that copies the PDF text to the element that the Ngram plugin uses to generate ngrams.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, in the end.
Just can’t get the indexcontroller view to work on the plugin admin dashboard now.
guess that’s a different post…
I really don’t find the omeka documentation all that helpful for development purposes.