PDF Text install error

I have been having much difficulty installing the PDF Text plugin. I receive the error

The following error occurred while installing the PdfText plugin: The pdftotext command-line utility is not installed. pdftotext must be installed to install this plugin

but pdftotext is installed. I read on an old forum that adding a PATH to Apache to locate the pdftotext install at /usr/local/bin would fix the problem. I did this, but the problem persists. Here is a link to the old forum I referenced:


Any help would be appreciated!

What version of Omeka are you using and what version of PDF Text are you trying to install?

Omeka is 2.5 and PDF is 1.3

Make sure you run which pdftotext to get the correct path to pdftotext. It may not be in /usr/local/bin.

I did and it is in /usr/local/bin

What operating system runs your Omeka installation? The plugin’s command check may not work on FreeBSD systems.

I’m running it through MAMP, maybe that’s what’s going on

Follow the instructions herein: http://omeka.org/forums-legacy/topic/activate-pdf-text-plugin-fails-thinks-pdftotext-is-not-installed/#post-96161

Do you see “1” as the output?

There is no output at all

Ok, pdftotext is installed and its path is added to Apache’s configuration, and it still doesn’t work. It could be that Apache cannot execute pdftotext. It could also be that your PHP has disabled program execution functions (shell_exec() in this case).

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