PDF file display issue

I’ve uploaded PDF files of interview transcripts. The transcripts display fine on the backend–they are multi-page documents that can be paged through. On the front end, however, they display as a static image of the first page of the transcript.

Here’s what I mean:

Any idea what’s up? Thanks!

There is an issue in the way you manage your attached file. In the second page, it tries to display the audio file, not the second page of the pdf, so check the code you added to manage the query (?img_num=1).

A quiet issue, but a little typo in the code you wrote for this. It would actually be supposed to convert your audio transcripts as PDF document pages, as far as I understand, but it works well just for the first page instead. You may fix that doing so as Daniel described above, or you can do so manually by editing it with this tool https://edit-pdf.pdffiller.com/ It’s a paid solution, yes, but you can apply for a free trial and do the thing you need without paying a dime