PastPerfect5 Export


I am pretty new to this and would really love advice.
Does Omeka-S work well with PastPerfect ?
I work with a decent sized collection on PP5 and I know I can export those files to xml, csv, etc., but I am wondering if Omeka-S is well suited to import those files ? I am working in a very low tech environment but we are hoping for a tech upgrade soon, however, very little is in the budget right now.
We are just hoping to create an online searchable database from our current PP5 archives so that visitors can still engage with the collection during our closure (because of Covid).
Another aspect would be future virtual exhibits/audio tours with click through photo-slides. How well suited is Omeka-S to that sort of use ? Would be better?
Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!

~ Casio

You might want to take a look at the Omeka FAQ which will answer some of the questions about the difference between Classic (which is used on and S. It might also be worth taking a look at the planning tips for S and Classic
Both Omeka S and Omeka Classic have CSV Import add ons; with S you can update a previous csv import.

Ok thanks! I will look into that!
My concern with CSV imports is that my current collection would exceed the character limit of csv files at several instances. Do you know if there are import add ons for XML files ?

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