Password to enter Site


I’ve inherited an Omeka classic site and when go to it, I get prompted with a username and password before the site can load, which I do know but would like to remove as I’m now at a stage where I don’t need to restrict it anymore.

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I’m assuming this is a popup from your browser asking you for a username/password? You could send a screenshot if you’re unsure.

Omeka doesn’t have a feature for enabling this kind of blocking, but people sometimes use Apache’s configuration to require visitors to give a password. That configuration would probably live either in your .htaccess file, or in the server’s Apache configuration.

Thanks for getting back to me, its a popup from the browser, and you are correct the .htaccess file calls a .htpasswd which contains the user.

Can i just delete the .htpasswd file or blank it out, or is it best to edit the .htaccess file to edit out the line that calls .htpasswd?

Thanks again for your reply.

Deleting or blanking the .htpasswd probably will just make it so that no one can log in. You want to instead remove the .htaccess stuff that’s using it (and there’s probably other things that would need to be removed like Deny or Require lines).

If the .htaccess that this stuff is in is Omeka’s .htaccess file, then the simplest answer might just be to replace the .htaccess with the original one from the Omeka zip.

Yep, i’ve commented out the lines in .htaccess referring to the htpasswd file, seems to have done the trick.

Thanks for your replies, much appreciated.