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I’m trying to build a site where each page must show items from specific item set. Let’s say, for example, I have two disjoint item sets (photos from old Ford vehicles and photos from old Chevrolet automobiles - only an example). I’d like to have a page with only Ford’s and another with only Chevrolet’s. The point is I don’t whant to select each item separetely. I’d like to select the whole items set once and for all, even if in the future new items are inserted in a item set. Is that possible?



Are you looking to make pages of item sets that don’t include the item set metadata? The item set’s “show” view automatically shows the available items within an item set.

If you specifically want to create a page, you could use a browse preview block. Edit the query to include items from the item set. If you want to include all the items added to the set on a single page, you could set a high limit in the block. If the number of items added in the future exceed that limit, you’ll have to change it again. Otherwise, provide link text (“View All”, “See more”, etc) and there will be a link to paginated results from that item set.

Hi, Kim. Thanks for your reply. I have some doubts:

  1. Where can I find this item set’s “show” option? When configuring a page I have the choices below:

  1. I don’t have the same “Browse preview” in the page configuration tab:

I’ll check if a have to update Omeka S version.

Thanks again for your help.


Yes, Kim. I had to update Omeka S version and now I have the same information you sent before.
Thanks, again.

An item set’s show view is automatically generated by Omeka S. The easiest way to find these is to temporarily add “Browse Item Sets” to your navigation. This will give you a page with all your item sets. From there, you can go to any individual item set’s show view. You can then add the URL for that item set to your navigation.

For example, Felice Beato: Reframing the Imperial War displays all their item sets here. From there, you can access the item set for Queen’s University Belfast, Hart Photographic Collection.

Thanks, again.
My tests sugests that I have to understand better the role of resources in Omeka S page configurations. It seems that “Browse item sets” will give a page with item sets only if there is some resource configured to hold item sets. I was not aware of that.

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