Page turning in Omeka Classic

Is there a way to create a book out of images to look as if the user is turning a page?

Thank you!

Hi, Theresa. Are you talking something like or similar viewers? I guess it could be a nice plugin. Most of the free ones seem to be working only with PDFs, though…

Hi DanieleB. Yes exactly. I am using PDF’s because the items we are adding to Omeka are over 100 pages. It would make it just a bit more interesting to view. Thanks for the link!

Not sure whether it could be implemented in an existing plugin, like Universal Viewer for instance, or you should make a new one from scratch (or even just customize your theme’s pages)… Maybe you could add it as an issue/suggestion to the UV github page (

Hope this helps.

On a project I worked on a couple of years ago we used the UV to display pages from Orson Welles radio scripts. All page images were loaded into a single item and then displayed through UV. You may want to work with the UV configuration to help the display. We wanted IIIF to be able to zoom on his handwritten comments. Here’s the link.

BTW I’ve tested loading couple hundred page images per item and did not have any problems with it. The biggest problem was that when you add that many images through say Dropbox, they get out of sequence. See Sorting (many) imported files.

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