"Page not found" on Omeka S IIIF image server

I am trying to set up an IIIF image server with Omeka S and the IIIF Server module and could need some help. We need Omeka S to make a collection of early modern manuscript facsimiles accessible to an IIIF viewer on another website.

The problem is that when I expect to see an json-ld manifest about an item or an item set, when I enter the address of an item in my browser, all I get is a “Page not found.”-error.

What I did: I installed an Omeka S CMS on our project server, added some items and added them to an item set. I installed the IIIF Server module from zip as described and activated it. I added Identifiers (in the “Text”-field from dcterms:identifier) to one item and the item set. Everything went smooth so far.

My main website is in development stage and currently installed in a folder like
Omeka S is installed in a sub folder:

When I enter the address
or https://example.org/wp/omeka-s/iiif/collection/my-project-id
in my browser, I would hope to see an json-ld manifest, but all I get is the page not found-error. Did I miss some basic step?

Best wishes,

Normally, it should work as you want (https://example.org/wp/omeka-s/iiif/19384/manifest should be the manifest of the item), but there may be an issue in the routing either in the module or somewhere else. I don’t have such a config, so can you move your omeka-s install in its own folder (https://example.org/omeka-s/)?

Note that the id is the Omeka id of the item.

Dear Daniel,
thank you very much for your fast answer! I noticed the IIIF Server works fine with the internal IDs, for example
works fine and for the beginning this will be sufficient. Will try moving the installation to another director later.
Best wishes,

Dear Daniel,
may I ask you once again about the ids used by the IIIF image server? Our server is publicly available now and works fine with the internal ids created by Omeka S like
I just cannot find a way to access the image with the id created by myself.

So, the ClearUrl id is lks-239-img
I tried URLs like
but nothing works.
I would be really happy about some advice. :slight_smile:slight_smile:
Best wishes,

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The module CleanUrl and IIIF server are not integrated together. Clean Url creates clean urls only for standard resources. So it requires some development to do so.