Page navigation

I’m wondering if there is a way to hide the Prev|Next navigation pane from pages, without modifying the code but simply setting an option somewhere.
Moreover, I’m not able to understand the usage/utility of this feature …

You can hide anything you want by customising your theme, but there is no option in admin interface to disable these elements.

These links let you navigate through a linear story. See sandbox to have an example where it is useful.

It should probably be hidden when there is only one page.

Hi pols12,

I cannot find anything related to this Prev/Next button in /asset/layout.phtml. I don’t how we can get rid of them.

They should definitively be hidden when there is only one page.

Two different partials may be edited to solve this issue:

  • omeka/site/page/show, to stop SitePagePagination view helper call, removing the last line.
  • or common/site-page-pagination to edit the way these links (or pseudo links) are displayed.

Besides, I’ve suggested on GitHub to don’t display them when the page is unique.