Override ImageMagic thumbnails?

There are times where I want to replace the thumbnail generated by ImageMagic for an item that I want to embed into a page… I thought using the ‘thumbnail field’ in the item’s ‘advanced’ tab would achieve this, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. When I attach the item to a page via Media Embed, the old thumbnail still shows. It seems that the thumbnail option in the advanced tab only applies to how the item is visually represented in the authoring environment…?

The media block works on the specific media from the item that you select, so it doesn’t respect a set thumbnail for the item. But you can also edit the media and set a thumbnail there: that should work when embedding.

yep, you’re right. I guess it’s a little confusing because when you use a Media Embed block it doesn’t ask you to attach specific media from an item… it instead asks you to select the item (that just so happens to contain media). So I was interpreting this block as more of an Item Embed even though it’s called Media Embed. With that said, once I set the thumbnail for the media and set that media as primary, it worked! Thanks.