Original File duplicated and renamed when importing


I uploaded files (Media) on the Omeka S v3 server [www/web_dev/files/original/Myfolder1] with FileZilla. Then I added them and linked them to my Items with the CSV Import module, in which I specify their path on the server.
After importing, a copy of each file contained in Myfolder1 has been created on the Omeka server, in the root of [www/web_dev/files/original] folder. On the public site, this second file created and named by Omeka (and not “my” file) that is downloaded when clicking on the download button in the viewer Universal Viewer.

-When Files are already in the Omeka S server, is it possible not to create this copy file and how ?
-Does the FileSideload module avoid the creation of copy files on the server ?
-How to make sure the download button of Universal Viewer points to the source file (to keep its original name) ?

Thank you !

Hi Emeline,
To keep original name, you can use the module Archive Repertory, that is designed for such a case. Then Universal viewer will takes it.

Generally, the source directory on the service should not be inside files/original. The module FileSideload allows to access files present on the server, and the files are copied in the right place by Omeka. Then, the source file can be removed, automatically or not (it may be more secure manually).

There is a pull request to allow to do a hard link to the original file instead of a copy, but it is useful only on small servers.

Hi Daniel,

thanks a lot, I installed the Archive Repertory module and updated the items - without any operation- to create the directories on the server, it’s perfect! (it’s surprising that the module is not in the basic modules of Omeka S (Omeka S - Modules), I find it essential).

Since I had uploaded a lot of “media” before installing this module, I need to do some cleaning on the server : now that my files are in the correct repertories “item set / item / files”, can the files created and renamed by Omeka that are still in the root of the files/original folder be deleted ?

Yes, apparently the module is on the site for Omeka Classic, but not for Omeka S. It’s open source, Omeka team can add any module they want. I don’t like to use google forms, but you can deposit it.

The files are now automatically renamed when the items are updated, even for something else, so you don’t have to do it manually. You can use the module Bulk Check to check if there are missing files, extra files or folders, recreate missing derivatives, etc.

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