Order of items in Collections

Hi there,
Was wondering if there’s a way to reorder items in collections i.e. for the viewer to see issue 1 , 2, 3 etc rather than the order they were added to the archive when they look at particular collections? My website is www.huarchive.co and we don’t always put items on it in order for one reason or another. Sorry if I’ve missed some really obvious way of doing it. Thanks for your help.

The Item Order plugin lets you do this.

That’s brilliant, thanks. It worked. Wonder if you can help with something else. On Chrome on laptops the Internet Archiver viewer doesn’t always display properly. Just a grey line appears in the viewer. This can be rectified easily enough through refreshing the page though I’d rather people didn’t have to do this. It works fine on Chrome on tablets and phones. Wonder if you’ve come across this before? thanks, Greg