OpenLayers Zoom & Archive Repertory

OpenLayers Zoom and Archive Repertory plugins seem to be incompatible.
OpenLayers Zoom seems to gets a null image size when Archive Repertory is activated.
Can someyone confirm this issue?
Many thanks!

I use the two without any issue. Do you use the last releases?

Hi Daniel!
I use 2.15 for Archive Repertory and 2.8 for OpenLayers Zoom, both download from plugin pages on
Do I need to download from GitHub?

No, they are up to date on
Is there a more precise error message?

No error messages during saving of the item after having ticked the option for creating tile images.
The only sign of the problem is inside the xml files (ImageProperties.xml) where I find:


like if OpenLayer Zoom procedure was unable to get the right file size.
Is there a log file where I can search for some more information?

This is not related to ArchiveRepertory, only to OpenLayersZoom.

There was a similar issue for Universal Viewer and it was related to the fact that no image library was available (php gd or php imagick).

But it works when I disable ArchiveRepertory …

Anyway GD and Imagick are both available
In your opinion, can this problem be related with some permission issues on subfolders created by Archive Repertory?

Normally no, because every created directory or files are managed by the server, so the server has the rigths on all of them.

Hard to determine, because I cannot reproduce your issue, I use the two plugins on many install without such an issue. Perhaps it is related to the config of the two plugins, that creates a bug. Do you have some special config?

No special config, but I try to see if something is wrong in my permissions configuration or if I find something else strange in configurations.
I’ll give you a feedback as soon as possible.
Thanks for you help!

Other questions : what is the type of image : Issue only for tiff or all ? How do you create zoomed images? by the checkbox or by the bulk process?

Images are jpg and I’m using the checkbox at the moment.
I’ve checked and it seems there is no problem related with file permissions.
Also, no strange config files are present.
The problem seems to be indipendent by the name of the original files and by the way I decide to rename them during derivative image creation.
At the moment I can confirm that with Archive Repertory active, OpenLayers Zoom doesn’t produce tile images.
Have you any other suggestion where I can search?

I found a bug, but I don’t know if this is yours. So could you try with the two updated plugins ArchiveRepertory version 2.15.1 and OpenLayersZoom version 2.8.1?

Note: with the zip of Github, the folder name should be renamed.

It works!
I dont’ know how to thank you!
Now I only would like to ask you if you can confirm that Archive Repertory it is not compatible with Derivative Images Plugin

Yes, this is not compatible with this plugin, that doesn’t create folder for files.

Thank for all your help Daniel!
I will hapy to show you the new site that I’m building with Omeka when it will be getting gloser to the final version.