Open call for collaboration/volunteers on Disorientations Archive

hi omeka community!

on may day, i started a project to archive “disorientation” publications by student activists, all together on one website. so far there are about 100+ publications:

i’m actively seeking conversation and collaboration on this.

some questions: is this duplicative? is there prior art?

do you know of people i should talk to/show this to, who would have ideas or make generative connections?

and of course, there is a huge amount to do if anybody is up for working on things together, including: data entry, transcription, research, outreach, indexing, tagging, curation, writing, website design and development. in time i’m interested in developing this as a cooperative platform/archive for student activist publications.

i set up a chatroom here if anybody wants to join in — all are welcome!

and there’s a twitter if you just wanna lurk on progress @diso_archive

looking forward to talking more soon,


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