One Person Can't Access Public Site?

My site seems to be working for everyone except one person, who happens to be the project funder. I do not currently have any information about the problem (if it’s throwing a 404 or something else), but I have a meeting to try and figure it out later this week.

I was wondering though if there are any known issues with Omeka and perhaps out-of-date operating systems or browsing engines? Could a poor internet connection prevent the site from loading (instead of loading it poorly)? Are there any known issues with Omeka and pop-up blockers or firewalls? I’d be grateful for any suggestions.


I’ve noticed you’re using a PowerPoint slide presentation in the home page. Could it be that what’s causing the problem (maybe the funder’s computer cannot show that for some reason)?

Other than that, I can confirm the website is showing up fine on my computers (Chrome and Firefox browsers).

Hope this helps.

Are you reading in any css or js files from external sources that might be blocked by a firewall at the desktop or server level for your funder?

The website worked fine for me as well.

Thanks for replying, and I’m sorry for not checking back on this thread. The problem turned out to just be a misunderstanding.

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