One Omeka Installation; multiple "views"

We are migrating our Omeka installations from one server to another and I was wondering if I could merge all of our separate instances into one, but with each one having different themes/access/headings/URLs. We have at least 3 Omeka directories we are moving - can we merge these into one?

Jamen McGranahan
Systems Services Librarian

This is difficult to do, because the items ids, collections id, files id, element ids, etc. will have collisions, so the three database should be checked manually for that before. Anyway, it’s not really possible to manage different themes, access, headings, url, etc with Omeka.

This is possible with Omeka S, that is natively multisite and allows to manage content in one place, with any themes and collections you want (and a lot of other qualities, like natively web semantic and multilanguage). it implies “only” to adapt your themes and upgrade your plugins, if not yet ported (or ask somebody else). So it’s a lot simpler to do the migration directly to Omeka S than to do a hard custom and hard to maintain custom Omeka Classic.

Thanks - I am looking into Omeka-S now; just having trouble getting it running currently, but that is another topic.