Omekas asks for installation once again after restarting DB

I am trying to export records of information in the omekas instance. I used the bulk export module. I chose the ods format to get details of Media level records. After some time the omekas log throwed error about the export job.

I found the database was terminated in the background. So i tried restarting, mariadb and it wont restart. So i checked with journalctl. And it showed some error associated with temporary files.

I seeked help in stackoverflow and some suggestions were there, to delete the temporary files (ib_logfile0, etc…) till i got the mariadb running again.

However, now while i go my omekas service, shockingly the installation window appears.

Please help. I checked the mariadb and checked whether the db for omekas is available it is there.

Need help in restoring the database if have done something wrong,

When the installer shows up that means Omeka S isn’t reading its tables in the database. In particular it’s the “module” table that controls whether the installer will get shown; if there’s an error trying to read from the module table, then the application assumes it’s not yet installed.

Can you read from the module table yourself when looking in the database?

In general, I don’t know that it’s a good idea to delete ib_logfile0 and similar files as they’re used in the database’s crash recovery system.

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Thanks you were right, deleting those log files are not useful in anyway other than adding pain to the process of organizing curated information in OmekaS.

Thanks @jflatnes for helping me. I have restarted populating the db with items we have curated/listed using Tropy.