Omeka WordPress shared menu

I am currently setting up a WordPress website for a small museum. I have also set up an Omeka (very similar to WordPress) site to keep track of all the museums pieces and collections. I have developed A WordPress theme, and Omeka theme to both look as though they are one site, so the end user wont notice the switch.

What I am wondering is there any way to access WordPress features from within Omeka (outside of WordPress) such as continuing to use the WordPress Menu Bar on the Omeka Site. Possibly sharing headers and footers even? I’m also looking for ideas to integrate the other way, I.E. Omeka “Featured Items” in a slide show on WordPress for example.


There’s not really a great way to share those kinds of features across WP and Omeka, except for using the API to recreate them, and even that seems pretty tricky. Even sharing headers and footers is hard because of the content and data that each system injects into them in their own ways.

For embedding content back and forth, that sounds like using the embed codes for each. Omeka’s Embed Codes plugin might get a start.

Thanks for the reply! Due to the nature of the website, even a nearly static shared footer would be fine. Both sites use nearly the same css and js files (and i think could be further modified to use exactly the same)

I would like my Omeka site to have the same navbar as Wordpress (and all links would lead to the wordpress pages) These pages are nearly static, so I could hard code them into the omeka theme (but that doesn’t seem ideal) and then Omeka would have its own secondary navbar underneath.

I currently have both instances on separate servers but am getting ready
to combine them. I was originally planning on setting them up at
\server\wordpress and \server\omeka respectively. Then use virtual
directories to link
to wordpress and http// to Omeka. Alternatively (if
it made my end goal simpler) I suppose I could install Omeka at
\server\wordpress\omeka but that sounds more complicated as far as
server permissions go etc.

I suppose I would just “include” Wordpresses navbar php files in the
omeka theme, and call the functions the same as in Wordpress? I was just curious if
anyone had any insight, before I wasted a few days trying to figuring it out, and possibly just hard coding it in.

Doing includes where you can sounds like the most straightforward option. I’m not sure that changing directory structure would help much. Indeed, the way we both depend on .htaccess rewrites, the more they are separated into different directories, the better.

Thanks for your input. I’ll give it a shot!