Omeka seems not properly installed


I am a new user of omeka-s; I just installed a local version under xamp, but I see different problems:

From the “omeka-s/admin/resource-template” page if I click on the template edition, I have no option in the right panel so I can not add any property
when I do from the “omeka-s/admin/item page”, “add new content”, I only have a blank page that appears or an HTTP ERROR 500

are these errors known? or is there a probable cause by my side?

thank you in advance.

Did you encounter an error during install? You might just have an incompletely installed Omeka S.

No there wasn’t any error during the installation , I have eventually install omeak-s on a debian server and all seem to be fine now, maybe the documentation on how to install omeak on a windows localhost (as xamp) should be more detailled, I think I followed various configuration step in addition when I installed on the debian server …