Omeka S vs vs. Omeka Classic


We are a small library that wants to develop collections based on our oral history collection. I also would like to do a storymap that details locations of where the speaker is mentioning during the interview. I also want to incorporate pdf files, youtube videos and sound files. I am a newbie and want to make the best choice for our institution. Can you offer me some guidance? I am unfamiliar with some of the terminology and end up getting lost in the descriptions. I have gone through the manuals and some of the forums, however, I am looking for examples of the real world applications the discuss these different types. I also want to know which one is better for using API’s and mapping. Thank you! Theresa

#2 runs on Omeka Classic. It’s useful if your institution’s hosting doesn’t meet the system requirements for Omeka Classic, and/or if you prefer to have all of the plugins and themes pre-installed (rather than dealing with ftp and server files).

There is some discussion of Omeka S vs Omeka Classic in the FAQ here on the forum.

For real-world examples, check out the showcases for Omeka Classic and, and the directory of Omeka S sites.

For oral histories, you might want to take a look at the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer plugin suite for Omeka Classic. You can see it in action on Goin’ North, which is linked from the OHMS page.


Thank you! I will review the information. I appreciate your help.