Omeka s vs Dspace for creating institutional repository

is omeka a good choice for creating institutional repositories for universities of technology

Omeka S is a web publishing platform and is not a preservation grade repository. It is possible to use it as a front end for a DSpace or Fedora instance, but it is not a substitute for those preservation services associated with those repository systems.

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For your information, the French university Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès chose Omeka S as an institutional repository instead of e-prints and d-space, too complex and hard to maintain.

It’s called Dante, for Dépôt et archivage numérique des travaux étudiants.

Students can deposit their works and thesis via the modules Guest and Contribute. Each librarian of the faculties can moderate the records of their own students. The files and metadata are reversed in a long time archive and in various public repositories.

I’ll publish the theme in a few time.

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thanks for your timely contribution!

waiting for the theme published, please

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