Omeka S version 1.3.0


Omeka S version 1.3.0 is released!

The big “headline” additions are a privacy setting for individual values within resources and the new ability to set custom thumbnails for resources. In addition, we’ve continued to make improvements aimed at the user experience for visitors to sites, like updating the default front page and adding a new “list of sites” block making it easier for users to create their own themed version of the front page. Along the same lines, there are new options for customizing the advanced search form on sites to agree with one or more of your templates; this way you can avoid users needing to pick through the huge number of available properties to search, as well as apply the same alternate labels you use on the resources themselves.

Of course, there’s also a variety of bug fixes and more minor changes; for more details, see the release notes.

As usual, this update also requires some changes to the themes. All the themes we develop have new 1.3.0 versions that handle these changes, and there are also some fixes included as well. The new default theme is bundled with the release; users of other themes should grab the updated versions.