Omeka S Upgrade to 3 with Modules and Themes

Hello all,
Quick question regarding doing an upgrade from Omeka S 2 to 3. As all the modules need to be upgraded as well, will we lose our “settings” for those modules when we install the newer versions? I am thinking of things sitting in CSS editor, or Google Analytics, or Collection forms, etc? Or must I do some form of manual back up of them.

This is in reference to a process of following the standard upgrade procedure of doing a copy of all modules folders, copying them back, and then installing the new versions.

Thank you

You want to deactivate your modules, but do not uninstall them. Uninstalling will really wipe everything away. Deactivating keeps your setting safe. Then when you upgrade your core and add your 3.0 modules, you’ll get a button to upgrade them and then activate them. That should bring along all of the elements of your current settings and configurations.


Thank you very much @SharonLeon

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And just a quick follow up. We currently have version 2.1.1. running, can we go straight to the latest version 3.0.1 without having it do incremental upgrades?

You should be just fine going directly to 3.0.1.

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