Omeka-S Universal Viewer Module and IIIF Manifests


Sorry for yet another question related to IIIF behavior but I have a question about the Universal Viewer Module and IIIF manifests.

I’ve configured Omeka-S beta 4 to use the Universal Viewer 3.5.2 module with the Centerrow theme. The UV module configuration allows one to set a ‘Manifest Property’ value which points to a field of my choosing in the item record containing a URL for the IIIF manifest corresponding to my image. I set DC ‘Has Format’ field as my Manifest Property value in the UV configuration page. I then added the field ‘Has Format’ to an existing item with the URL for my IIIF manifest.json containing references to a .jp2 file on the remote IIIF image server. However, when I navigate to the item in Omeka-S depending on how I add the field contents (either as a URL or text) the URL shows up either as a link which simply retrieves and displays the actual contents of manifest.json or as plain text.

IIIF manifest URL:

What am I missing or doing wrong? For example, if I plug this URL into a Mirador IIIF viewer instance it brings up the image but on Omeka-S with the Universal Viewer module nothing happens.



This is not related to the module, it works with a lot of other manifests, but to the source server or to the format of the source (you can fix your url, iiiif has only threee iii).

To check a standard manifest, you can try it on So ask your question on (and give the answer after here).

The module IIIF Server itself can create tiles from the jp2 files, so it will be served and readable by Universal Viewer.


Sorry, the ‘iiiif’ misspelling was a typo in my post and not in the URL in the actual item. I tried the manifest URL into the Universal Viewer test site above and it’s not working there, either – results in a spinning box inside the window. I’ll try another manifest and, if that doesn’t work, will follow up over there and see what I can find out.



A tiny bit more digging and looks like it’s a cross origin request (CORS) related error. Still need to fix it on my end (browser configuration?) but as you indicated should not be a problem with the Universal Viewer module.