Omeka S translation questions

Please excuse me to borrow this thread for posting a question. If it doesn’t fit into this forum, please move it to where it should go.

When I’m translating Omeka S on transifex, into Chinese, there’s this string in Core:
A textual geekcode for this person, see

I just found that is dead in 2016, from this wiki page:
Could you please correct that string?

There’re also quite a handful of strings that have typos in them.

On the other hand, I do have difficulties in translating certain parts of some modules since there’s no explanation of what those strings are actually used. Their meanings depend on the context and will change. I tried my best to understand the context they may be used, which decides the way they should be translated.

One example is from module-FedoraConnector: createdBy
I suppose that should be a literal string, just copy and paste, not supposed to be translated.

Then in module-ValueSuggest, should all LC:*** strings be translated, or just copy & paste?
I suppose maybe I have to install an instance of Omeka S to really understand the actual meaning of some strings within the context they’re being used and referred to.

If there’s another appropriate forum for discussing translation, please let me know.
(ps. I have to remove h t t p : / / from links, since I’m restricted to two links in a post.)

You’re fine to post translation questions here if you’d like. There’s also options to send messages and ask questions on Transifex itself and you can use those options as well. I separated your post into a new thread since it’s not really well related to that original topic, though.

The stuff about geekcode is tricky… The sources of those strings are the actual linked data vocabularies we use: in this case, FOAF has a “geekcode” property with that description, the nonexistent URL and all. So far at least, we’ve really tried to avoid having to edit and “fix” the vocabularies to maintain maximum compatibility. So, there’ll be a few strange labels and descriptions from some vocabularies sometimes (FOAF is a particular problem area for this).

If you’re seeing other typos in the English strings, you can report them here, on Transifex, or at the Omeka S github. If they’re from vocabularies we may not be able to easily fix them though.

I think the FedoraConnector one is also the label of a vocab property, so I believe that’s intended to be translatable… though what you can/should do with a string formatted like that to start, I’m not sure. @patrickmj might have more to say on that score.

For ValueSuggest, I’m confident in saying all those strings are intended to be translatable; they’re the names of control/authority sources the module can use. How you actually want to translate them, if at all, would depend on if it’s typical to translate that kind of title (which could differ from language to language, I would think).

As an example, “LC: Subject Headings” is one of those translatable strings, and it refers to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. On Wikipedia, the German and Catalan translations of that article both leave the English name as-is, but the Japanese and Farsi versions translate into their local language and script. This is a long way of saying, “it depends.”

I hope that’s helpful.

Yes, those strings come from the ontologies Fedora uses, for isCreated it’s Fedora vocab. It doesn’t look like they provide translated labels, so they should be available for translation via Transifex to provide something readable in your locale settings.

Thank you all for quick reply.

So in module-FedoraConnector, there are a lot of strings like this one: hasLocation, and this one repositoryNodeTypeManagementMultivaluedPropertiesSupported

Are those strings supposed to be translated, or are they literal strings, with which I should just copy & paste?
They look like some function variable names that should keep as-is. Or am I missing something here?

That’s a hard question, and the Fedora folks might be able to give better guidance. From what I understand, though, some of the terms in the fedora vocabulary are meant for internal use, and some are true metadata properties for people to enter data. Ones beginning with ‘repository’ seem like the internally used ones, and the rest are more likely for humans. So, I’d focus attention on the ones that look like they are intended for humans to enter data about.

Thank you very much. I’ll do my best.