Omeka S - Text with dublin

hi , i was wondering , how can i delete this text from settings

The set of metadata of the element type, consisting of all element elements that come by default with the installation of Omeka and all types of elements by administrators.

I was looking for the file , es.po , in application / languages / es. po ( my omeka is in spanish ) but there’s no that file , how can i edit or delete this text

i even checked the and i found the text , but when i edit this text or delete it , it doesn´t change , it still be the same text

Why do you want to delete this?

Generally, deleting text from the translation files won’t help you actually remove text from the site, for a couple reasons (changes you make to .po files need to be compiled to the corresponding .mo file, plus strings with no translation will just display the original English text).

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