Omeka-S slower than Omeka Classic in loading Pages

Still doing some Tests with Omeka S i noticed that Omeka-S is slower in loading pages than Omeka classic. Any suggestions what parameters i should change to make Omeka-S a little bit faster?

Can you give some more detail about the kinds of pages that are slow and the kind of speed difference you’re talking about?

This kind of thing can differ quite a lot based on versions of software, server capacity, whether or not you’re sharing a server with other users, etc.

I’ve about 300 Items for testing in my installation - mostly just data without pictures browsing and searching takes up to 2 seconds to load a page. I’am on a shared server - with very good up to date technology. If you want to try it - i can mail you the details.

After deactivating all additional modules my Omeka S works normal again. I’ll post wich Module was responsible for the loss of speed.

It is Custom Vocab version 1.0.0-rc.1 which slows down my installation

Okay, thanks for that information. Is there anything special or remarkable about the way you’re using Custom Vocab? Or, put another way, is it just having it installed and/or active that’s causing the slowdown, or do you actually have to create vocabs to cause the problem?

Custom Vocab doesn’t really do much of anything on browse and show pages, so this is an intriguing result.

@jan We identified a problem in the core code that causes the slowdown you’re experiencing. CustomVocab simply exposed the problem. We patched the code so expect your pages to load faster in the next Omeka S bugfix release. Thanks for your help finding the bug!

I’am lucky that i could help. Thank you.

Omeka S 1.1.0 is released and contains this fix.