Omeka S showing module updates when the modules are up to date

When I go to the Modules list in our Omeka S site, I see that there are some modules that need to be updated, but when I go to the page for that module, it is at the current version. I am not sure what is going on.

The modules in question are: CSSEditor, Mapping, and Zotero Import

Can you share what versions of those modules you have now? Or a screenshot of your Modules page would work as well.

I don’t see anything in the data we output from the modules directory that looks wrong and would account for you seeing “phantom” upgrades.

I apologize. I should have waited until after break to post this. Here is a screengrab from my modules list:

Strange. Can you try clearing your browser’s cache and see if that makes a difference? Or using a different browser/computer to look at the Modules page?

I have tried clearing cookies as well as using other browsers/devices, and see the same message.