Omeka S reporting tool


We are interested in having a reporting tool inside Omeka S. The idea is that any logged user can make a report of items with the fields it decided.
It is like a item export, and so we tried it using the BulkExport module, that it could be great for that, but the problem we face is that it is only available for admin users. Is there any way to extend bulkexport features to all the user’s roles?
Or maybe there could be another solution.

I will appreciate any help or workarround.



BulkExport can be used in public side too. You just have to specify the output you need in the site settings. You may have to enable the display via the module BlocksDisposition with some themes, or to include it in your theme.

Anyway, it’s just an url and you just have to add .tsv or .ods or .csv or another supported format to any resource url (multiple/browse or single/show), for example .

Hi Daniel
Thanks for your quick response. I have seen the export works adding some query at the end of the URL.
Without the query in the URL (only /s/report/item.tsv) it does not works. Only exports the headers.

That works, but always export the whole set of items. I changed the configuration of the resources of the site or the site parameters of the Bulk Export, but the export does not take into account this configuration.
Maybe I missed some configuration. I tried several configurations but I do not get with the solution to narrow the result.
I am working on Omeka S 2.0.2 on a local machine.
Any idea where to see?

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