Omeka S on Cloudron. How to automatically activate Ldap module?

I started developing an Omeka S application for Cloudron, a complete self-hosting solution. This application has been published in the Cloudron store yesterday.

The Ldap module is pre-installed to allow users of the Cloudron platform to be able to connect to instances of the Omeka S application with their account. After installation, the admin have to enabling the Ldap module and settings user email and name attributes with mail and username.

Is there a way to automatically activate and set up this module during installation? I can obviously modify the database directly, in this case, is adding rows to the module and setting tables sufficient and not too hazardous?


We don’t have any tools for doing automated module installs during the installation.

What you describe of just setting the row in the module table (and performing whatever “install” tasks your module requires, like creating settings, tables, etc.) would work, though. That part about doing “install” is the main part: if you’re manually creating the module row, then you need to also manually be doing the stuff that would normally happen during an interactive installation of the module.

Thank you. I have updated the Omeka S app for Cloudron in this way

Good job @thierry it is working perfectly on Cloudron

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