Omeka s太难用了,还是omeka class好用一些

《近代教科书数据库》使用omeka class做的,感觉效果很好。想着既然omeka class都这么好用,那么omeka s应该更好,而且可以组成站群,但是安装之后发现,真的不好用,还是omekas功能多,又简单,主题也多。主要是想用omeka s作为资源管理与揭示,用iiif在展示书籍。但是omeka s真是不好用。

Omeka比许多其他数字图书馆更易于使用。 因此,就您而言,只需安装所需的模块,上传文件并填写记录即可。 就这样。 如果您有更确切的问题,论坛可以提供帮助,但请先阅读用户手册

I am very excited to receive your reply. I have built a “Modern Teaching Database” with omeka class, and used the universalviewer plug-in as a textbook reader. The effect of the whole website is very good. It contains 3400 e-books. The number of pictures in this e-book has reached 450,000, the website speed is still fast, and the configurable options for plug-ins and themes are visualized.

I think omeka s should be more powerful than omeka class, so I deployed the omeka s system locally to prepare 80,000 e-books. The number of pictures in these e-books exceeds 200 million. But when I was very excited to use omeka s, I found that it was more difficult to use than omeka class. For example, the universalviewer module has few configuration options and cannot visually set its appearing position. The biggest problem is that the universalviewer browser cannot choose single pageor two pages display picture, I want the two pages display view of reading books, but the universalviewer browser of Omeka s have only single page view by default. The second problem is the lack of themes. I saw the list of themes and modules you shared. Many themes only adapt to omeka s1.0 or omeka s2.0, but also feel that there is a lack of quality themes.

omeka class universalviewer Screenshot two pages view is my need

This is a screenshot of omeka s, i cannot choose the two-page display view

能够收到你的回复让我感到非常激动,我已经用omeka class建了一个《近代教课数据库》,使用universalviewer插件来作为教科书的阅读器,整个网站效果非常好,包含了3400本电子书,这个电子书的图片片数量达到了450000张,网站速度依然很快,而且插件与主题的可配置选项都是可视化的。
我想omeka s应该是比omeka class功能要更加强大,所以我又在本地部署了omeka s系统,准备将80000本电子书,这些电子书的图片数量超过了两个亿。但是当我非常激动的使用omeka s时,却发现比omeka class要难使用,比如universalviewer模块的配置选项很少,不能可视化设置其出现的位置,最大的问题是universalviewer浏览器不能选择单双面显示图片,我想要看书那种双面展示效果,但是omeka s的universalviewer浏览器只能默认单面展示图片。第二个问题是缺少主题,我看到你分享的主题与模块列表,很多主题仅治适应omeka s1.0或者omeka s2.0,也感觉缺少精品主题。

As a quick fix, you can try the last version of the module UniversalViewer, that allows to use the viewer library version 2. Furthermore, in the config of the module IIIF server, you can try to use version 2.0 of the standard. Normally, you will have the same output than Omeka Classic.

For the themes, I’m going to publish two new themes in the next days, included this one (but probably not adapted to your use case). They are not all published on, you can look directly on github or here And most of the time, the themes for Omeka S version 1 or 2 work fine, you just need to modify the constraint ^2.0.0 by ^3.0.0 in config/theme.ini.

Uploading: uv3.6.4.4.png…
The uv I use is the latest version version uv3.6.4.4

My iiif server chooses iiif2.0 by default
我的iiif server默认选择的就是iiif2.0

Didn’t see the option to choose the version (version 2 or 3) on the configuration page of the uv module?

Check in the site settings, not in the config.

Following your instructions, I completed the configuration on the site, but the result is as shown in the screenshot. UV just turns the left list into two column thumbnails, but there is no “Two Pages or Singel Page” option in the upper right corner, and the image area is only Single Page.

按照你的指引,我完成了站点上的配置,但是结果如图所示,uv只是左边列表成为两列缩略图,但是并没有出现“two pages or singel page”选项在右上角,而且显示图像的区域也只有single page。

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