Omeka S not all Item sets displayed

I have just started with Omeka S 3.0.1. I have created a few items sets, added items and allocated these items to one or more sets (collections). However when I browse item sets Omeka is reporting fewer item sets than I expected. The 20 items I added have been allocated to one or more of 6 item sets.
The browse Item sets page only shows three sets.
I have checked that each item has been allocated to a set.
I have checked that all the items can be viewed on the site.
I have tried with several different themes all have the same issue.

Any Suggestions?

This may not be your problem, but if you have not done so check that you have assigned your Item Sets to your site.

After creating my Item Sets, I had to go into the specific site and add the Item Sets to that site.

  1. Resources, Item Sets, add new item set (open for new items, make public), save.
  2. click “Sites”
    3)click the specific Site;
  3. on the left, Sites > specific site> Resources
  4. two tabs: Items & Item sets. click ‘item sets’
  5. the title and owner of each item set on the platform also associated with this site should display.
  6. On the right: “ITEM SETS (#)”, item sets are organized under their creators, click the icon to display
  7. Item Set title (and info icon) display; to add, click the title.
  8. It should now list among your Item sets for this specific site.

Thanks. Just the answer I needed.

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