Omeka S/ Next module

Dear community,

I’m trying to install the next module in Omeka S v4.0.1, but I get the following error:

what could be the error?

I am getting the same on ALL of the modules I have installed, which has pretty much made my site useless.

These errors occur when your modules don’t match the version of Omeka S you have installed. In this case, those modules you have installed are ones designed to work with the previous version.

In general you just need to check for an updated version of the module and upload that to your site’s modules folder. The interface here will then give you a button to upgrade the module.

In the specific case of Next, @jcastillo, we have other threads noting there hasn’t been a new release of that one yet, though I see that its developer @Daniel_KM made changes to it relatively recently that hint at a possible update for 4.0.

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All but two worked, thank you!