Omeka S Modules Up-to-date List

Hello everyone.

I found From Omeka Classic to Omeka Semantic page on this forum. There is also Omeka S Modules page. It seems the official modules page does not list some of the modules that are ready to use or I did not get the whole picture :worried:.

I would love to use Omeka S for my project over Classic but I’m trying to understand what is the availability of the modules for Omeka S. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, there are some modules that are listed on Daniel’s page but not ours. We rely on developers to do a one-time submission their addons to us in order to include them on the modules page of the Omeka website. The developers of modules sometimes choose not to do that, with the result being that we don’t have them listed.

My list is built with an automatic search on github, with some additional data, so many modules are not official.